Thomas Edison Film Festival: Two Films on Ukraine

By Madison Arts and Culture Alliance (other events)

Friday, March 24 2023 7:30 PM 9:30 PM EDT

As part of the Madison Community Arts Center's programming around the month-long exhibit Don't Close Your Eyes: Ukrainian Artists Respond to the War, running from March 1 through April 2, MCAC is partnering with the Thomas Edison Film Festival to present two films:

City of Ghosts – City of Ghosts – Narrative - 15 min. by Christian Elliot and Elle Ginter, Kent,
UK, and LA, CA, US. “City of Ghosts” tells the heroic true story of Rosen and
Uri, who travel from their home countries of Bulgaria and Ukraine in search of a
better life. On the journey they meet and become friends, only later to shoulder
each other's burdens as they realize that they have been hijacked into a life of
modern-day slavery of hard labor in Greece. To stay alive, they must remain
compliant until Uri learns of Ukraine's invasion and pleads with Rosen to attempt
escape. Their worldviews collide, interrupting the friendship they've built in
slavery. An unlikely decision leads to a test of loyalty.

Khuylo - War in Ukraine – Documentary - 60 min. by Joakin M. Vila, Girona,
Catalonia, Spain. "KHUYLO - War in Ukraine" is an independent documentary
production by Joakim M. Vila, photojournalist and documentary filmmaker. The
film narrates the events experienced in Ukraine (April 17 - May 22, 2022), both in
the field of humanitarian volunteering in the rear, and in the vanguard on the war’s
front line. It also shows the movement of displaced persons (IDP's) and the life of
the civilian population in the bombed places, with interviews with soldiers,
volunteers and civilians; from the devastated places in the north of Kyiv, passing
through Kharkiv, the Donbas region or the Kherson front with Mykolaiv, and then
ending in the self-proclaimed and pro-Russian Republic of Transnistria (Moldova),
bordering Ukraine.